Find Your Next Adventure at the Tallahassee Museum

Conquer your fears and find adventure in the treetops of Tallahassee, Florida.

If you live in the Tallahassee area and heard an ear-splitting scream on February 18th, 2022, I am sorry.

I’m not afraid of heights, per se, but I am definitely not…comfortable with them. And when a group of friends and I decided to take an adventure to the Tallahassee Museum on a sunny morning this past semester, I had to muster up some serious courage and face my almost-fears.

The Tallahassee Museum offers fun for all ages, especially adventure seekers. When a friend offered to take us through the ziplines and ropes courses, we jumped on the opportunity. My friends and I were sick of sitting in front of a computer all day—we wanted the sun on our skin and the wind on our faces. So naturally, the Tallahassee Museum was our best option.

The Tallahassee Museum’s Tree-to-Tree Adventures includes three different ropes courses varying in difficulty and height. Each course is interspersed with ropes obstacles and ziplines. We were lucky enough to climb and zip through the largest course, which included 25 obstacles and 16 ziplines.

And let me tell you—this treetop excursion is no joke. These courses are sometimes several stories above the ground, whether you are ziplining or jumping across swinging logs. Not to fear! The museum staff are all amazingly kind and take their safety precautions very seriously. Our guide strapped us in our safety harnesses and gave us thorough instructions. After trying the low-risk safety courses, we were ready to go.

As we were approaching the beginning of the course, my heart was racing, my blood was pumping, and my palms were sweating under the thick protective gloves. I slowly climbed up the ladder with steady precision. Every muscle in my body was taut, doing everything in my power not to fall.

Even if I did stumble, I knew I wouldn’t drop 20 feet and become a human-sized splat on the roof of the eagle enclosure. Thanks to the extensive safety precautions, my carabiner and other rigging would have caught me immediately. But this assuring information did nothing to calm my nerves.

And despite all my worries and efforts, I failed. I didn’t just fall, I fell spectacularly, shrieking and laughing all at the same time (just ask my friend Hannah Grace). I’m sure it echoed for miles—or at least it did in my head. I hung on for dear life in the middle of an aerial obstacle, my hands clutching the rigging above me and my heels clinging to the moving wooden plank below me. My body was a straight board hanging horizontally from the course (the one time we didn’t get a picture!). With encouragement from my guide and friends, I muscled my way upright. I quickly laughed off my slight embarrassment and my previous fear magically disappeared. I knew that I would most likely fall again, but I wasn’t afraid. I felt confident that no matter how many times I fell, I could always pull myself up.

After that, the course was an absolute breeze. We were able to zipline over woods, trails, and wildlife enclosures, offering us a unique tour of the museum. I envisioned my favorite fantasy fiction warrior and lived out my childhood dreams as I leaped from log to log. We soared between the cypress trees and over lakeside marshes, the wind in our hair and big smiles on our red faces.

These courses offer breathtaking views that you can only see by ziplining.

If zip lines and ropes courses aren’t for you, the Tallahassee Museum offers many more activities. They have children and adult education programs and guided tours of the property that teach about the natural history and local wildlife. The museum has several collections and exhibits, including Wildlife Florida, Old Florida, Big Bend Farm, and Natural Florida.

The Wildlife Florida exhibit offers patrons a glimpse of intriguing animals such as a panther, a cougar, a red wolf, a black bear, and many more! Old Florida allows patrons to tour a schoolhouse from the 1800s, a train caboose from the 1920s, and other historical locations. The Big Bend Farm gives an inside look at life on a rural farm from the 1880s. The Natural Florida nature trail is a peaceful half-mile loop near Lake Hiawatha where you can admire local flora and fauna.

The Tallahassee Museum is perfect for a one-day summer adventure. Find more information at their website, located here.

A special thank you to our friend Austin! Austin, you’re such a fun friend and we are lucky to have you.

Enjoy this footage of my friends ziplining and my February recap.


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