My 2021 Wrapped

As 2021 comes to a close, I want to revisit the places I traveled to this year. I am so grateful and blessed to be able to safely travel during the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s dive in! 

Crescent Beach, FL

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, FSU announced that they would not have a traditional spring break. No Spring Break ’21? No problem! As a teacher, my mom had a spring break vacation and rented a quiet condo for a week at Crescent Beach, Florida. Crescent Beach might be one of my favorite beaches in the Sunshine State! While still offering the Atlantic Ocean waves, it lacks the Daytona bustle and noise. I took my online classes via Zoom on the balcony while listening to the waves and watching wild bunnies hop around the dunes. It was picturesque! Crescent Beach is only a short drive from downtown St. Augustine, making it the perfect location for a relaxing day on the beach and a dazzling night out.

Em’s Adventure: trying crab legs for the first time! 

St. George Island, FL

One of the cutest beaches I have been to! For anyone living in or near Florida’s panhandle, go visit St. George Island. My friends and I took a day trip from Tallahassee to St. George at the end of our finals week as a reward. St. George Island is a quaint and endearing little beach town complete with a local ice cream joint and a lighthouse. Sunbathe, body surf, or take a relaxing walk along St. George’s peaceful coastline.

Em’s Adventure: the beautiful mixture of woods and water on the drive over!


The Natural State! Arkansas is truly a natural beauty. I have very close family friends that moved to Arkansas a couple of years ago and my mom and I love to visit them from time to time. Arkansas is full of breathtaking mountain views, rushing waterfalls, and rolling hills. We hiked in the Ozark Mountain range, chased waterfalls, and took a day trip to the historical city of Hot Springs. Arkansas is a wonderful combination of farming flatlands, paved cities, and thrilling mountains. I plan on writing an in-depth article about my beloved Arkansas in the near future. Stay tuned!

Em’s Adventure: getting lost while looking for Pam’s Grotto!

North Captiva Island, FL

AKA Tropical Paradise! This week in oasis marked the end of my summer adventures and the beginning of school. Everything about this trip was amazing ­– dolphins playing in the surf, the wind hitting my cheeks on a boat ride, reading a good book on the beach, moonlit golf cart rides – it was one of the best trips of the year! You can find more information about North Captiva Island in my blog post, “Completely Captivated,” linked here!

Em’s Adventure: making new friends and new memories! 

Mystic Falls

Mystic Falls, AKA Covington, Georgia, made my Vampire Diaries loving heart so happy. Covington was a major film site for the hit CW show, The Vampire Diaries, and is open for visitors! Fans can find multiple buildings from the show, like The Mystic Grill – a fully functioning (and yummy!) restaurant, the clocktower, Elena Gilbert’s house, and many others. If you want more information about my Mystic Falls trip, check out my article, “Falling In Love With Mystic Falls,” linked here!

Em’s Adventure: eating dinner on the rooftop of the Mystic Grill.  

New Hampshire and Massachusetts

My trip to New England was my favorite trip from 2021! We visited some dear family friends in New Hampshire and enjoyed the chilly weather – a huge change from sunny Florida. My mom and I packed our winter clothes and flew up north to brace the cold. There were so many historical downtowns that looked straight out of a postcard, especially Portsmouth, New Hampshire. There were brick-lined streets and alleys with cozy coffee shops and restaurants. These towns fulfilled all of my Gilmore Girls dreams – I even saw a Daughters of the American Revolution painting at a local used bookstore. (Emily Gilmore, where are you?) We visited Cambridge, Massachusetts, and acted like complete tourists on the Harvard campus. We were also able to drive through downtown Boston and stare in awe at the sleek skyscrapers (making me miss NYC! Hopefully, I can visit soon!). This trip was everything and more ­– the amazing company, the wonderful weather, the historical small towns, and the overall cozy feel made me fall in love. I will definitely be returning (and writing an article soon)!

Em’s Adventure: it’s a tie between a hectic travel day to Manchester, NH (a story for another time) and getting lost inside the Harvard Bookstore! 

Safety Harbor, FL

I visited the adorable town of Safety Harbor, Florida with my mom and my cousin in the middle of December. We stayed two nights and three days at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, a historic and elegant resort with a fully functioning and pampering spa. Safety Harbor Resort and Spa first opened in 1925, leaving behind some timeless charm in every room. Not only did we enjoy the Florida “winter” by the pool, but we also were able to take part in the 3rd Friday Street Celebration! On every third Friday of the month, downtown Safety Harbor closes its Main Street and celebrates with food vendors, street booths, and live music. This weekend was the perfect getaway!

Em’s Adventure: experiencing my first facial! 

2021 was a remarkable year for me. Not only did I take fun trips, but I also made quality memories with loved ones and grew as an individual. Many things happened off-screen that shaped me as a person and I will forever be grateful for every single experience, good and bad. Though this post looks like a highlight reel, 2021 wasn’t always sunshine and smiles for me and I know it wasn’t for others, either. I’m not saying to ignore the dark days, but let’s cherish the bright moments in our lives. Let’s use both the good and the bad to build on for our futures. I can’t wait to see where I go and the people I meet in 2022. 

Happy New Year from Adventures With Em! Thank you for all your love and support this year! 

Where did you travel in 2021? Let me know in the comments! 

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